Portable Stimulus training – coming soon at CVC/VerifLabs

For well over a decade SystemVerilog and UVM have ruled over the training vendors across the globe. With investment as long as the language (SystemVerilog) and the methodologies (VMM, OVM, UVM etc.) – VerifLabs, training venture of CVC has been at the fore-front of these technologies. Our impact to the industry is well summarized by the following industry observation:

In India every semiconductor design house has at-least one engineer trained by CVC!

This is no small feat to achieve, and we are proud of the same, given our 11+ years of serving this market.

What’s next in DV? The answer lies mainly with the industry leaders solving tomorrow’s problems and the EDA vendors providing solutions. Within Accellera, the standards body, Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS) has been a busy initiative. Very recently the group has chosen a DSL (Domain Specific Language) as the way forward for PSS. For those who missed the history, DVCon India 2014 was unofficially known as “birthday” of PSS (Portable Stimulus & DVCon India – 2 birthdays in one! )


Being industry’s most wanted training vendor in the DV space, we are investing heavily in PSS. Our deep knowledge in PSS domain is well known. In-fact our team presented  a tutorial at DVCon India 2014 on “Achieving Portable Stimulus with Graph-Based Verification” (along with our EDA partners). Archives of this well attended tutorial can be seen at: Was DVCon India Really the Portable Stimulus Conference? CVC was also an invited speaker at Breker System’s DVCon USA 2015 booth to share how our Indian customers are using Graphs as means of implementing PSS.


Fast forward to 2016, with Accellera standardizing on DSL based PSS format, we are working with our EDA partner Mentor Graphics to bring out a new training module based on Mentor’s inFact technology that uses a graph based language as input format. According to Mentor Graphics:

As a leading proponent of Accellera’s work in the Portable Stimulus Working Group (WG) for a couple of years now, we wanted to update you on the latest significant milestone in the process. After many months of evaluation and discussion, the Working Group has decided to base its standard on the domain-specific language (DSL) contribution made by Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems. The DSL combines the graph-based stimulus-specification approach used by our Questa inFact testbench automation tool with a model-based approach used by Cadence’s Perspec tool, providing several advantages to the user. By a near-unanimous majority, the members of the working group decided that this DSL is the best vehicle to use to define the semantics and syntax for Portable Stimulus.

Being a long time Mentor’s partner as part of their QVP program, CVC has access to Questa for many years. Recently we obtained access to Questa Ultra that includes this exciting PSS technology as part of its inFact testbench automation tool. With this we are well poised both in terms of long history of PSS and the latest standard-candidate in the form of inFact rule specification format to provide training to our customers on PSS.


At this juncture we would like to thank all our EDA partners, especially Breker and Mentor for working closely with us over the years in bring the latest technology to end users in this geography.

Stay tuned for our first public class on PSS.

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